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November 1, 2010
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Chapter 45: The Four Dragon Spirits
Izzy: Hey guys

Lady Amber: Hey Izzy long time no see where have you been?

Izzy: I went back to Port Nihomo with the white bagubagu that Captain let me borrow to turn one of those big bagubagu there into a white bagubagu, I came to bring it back ^^ (gives it to Captain)

Captain: Thanks Izzy (puts the white bagubagu away)

Izzy: No problem, I better get back there and make sure everything stays okay (leaves)

Lady Amber: Bye Izzy ^^

Izzy: Bye ^^

After Izzy left, Lady Amber got glomped by her grandson Draco. To their surprise he then went to glomp his older sister.

Maylene: DRACO GET OFF OF ME!!!!!!!

Draco: No ^^

Zero the Dragon Knight: Draco leave your sister alone

Darco: Yes sir (goes to see his grandmother) Hi grandma look what I found when we were in Lacora (shows her a box with four odd looking spirit eggs in it)

Lady Amber: My, my where did you find those Draco?

Darco: By my house

Lady Amber: Hmmmm, how could four spirit eggs get to your house sweetie?

Darco: Not sure they were just there while I was playing outside.

Lady Amber: Interesting (takes a good look at them) hmmmmm

Zero the DK: Something wrong mother?

Lady Amber: No, just thinking dear ^^

Gunspark: (picks up one of the eggs)

Lady Amber: Gunspark be careful that's very delicate sweetie

Gunspark: (the spirit egg begins to glow in his hands) Is this suppose to happen grandma?

Lady Amber: When it happens yes

When the egg hatched it became a small cybernetic looking dragon, when it saw Gunspark it pounced him and began to lick his face like a puppy.

Gunspark: Down boy, down XD

Lady Amber: Maybe you should give him a name Gunspark

Gunspark: How about Matrix?

Matrix: (begins to wag his tail)

Lady Amber: I think he likes his name Gunspark ^^

To their surprise the other three spirit eggs hatched when they did three other little dragons were born each went to one of Lady Amber's grandchildren.

Gunfalcon: what I'm going to call you boy (scratching the small bronze dragon's belly)

Maylene: I'm going to call mine Cora ^^

Draco: I'm naming mine Dar

Spyro: Hey everyone sorry I'm late

Bronze Dragon: (bites Spyro tail)

Spyro: OOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!! >_< GET IT OFF ME, NOW!!!!!

Lady Amber: (grabs the little dragons jaw from both upper and lower and forces the little creature to let go of Spyro's tail) I think we know what to name him ^^

Gunfalcon: Then it's settle his name is Chomp ^^

Chomp: (tackles Gunfalcon)

Lady Amber: So we got four dragons and they all are going to be taking cared by my grandchildren ^^

Spyro: Does this bite look infected to you mom (shows her his dragon tail)

Lady Amber: (looks at the wound) No it doesn't don't worry son it will heal

Spyro: If you say so mom
This chapter has a surprising surprise to it.

Izzy belongs :iconshining-sun-angel:

Captain Gundam (SD Gundam Force, Sunrise/Bandai)
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Jonathanxbrass2 Nov 1, 2010  Student Digital Artist
XD this story is better and better honey :smooch:
Thanks honey bear :smooch: :blushes:
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